ReLight - Soul Babies (Live at Stara Elektrarna)

Official video. ReLight playing their song Soul Babies live as a part of the release concert for their debut album Evermore (Alkemist, 2012) in one of Ljubljana's great venues - Stara Elektrarna. String trio Godalika appear as guests. Stage visual concept and lighting was devloped by artists Jaša, Meta Grgurevič, Urša Vidic and Klemen Lazarevič. Camera and edit by Matej Slabe and David Bole.

ReLight - Love immortal

ReLight playing an acoustic version of their song Love Immortal, also to be featured on their debut album (coming out in March 2012). Inspired by La Blogotheque and recorded in one take, all-acoustic, live, without overdubbing. The video was shot in an abandoned bicycle factory in Ljubljana. Directed by Misstrenchcoat.