About Relight

ReLight is a five-piece rock band of seasoned musicians, whose experience stems from playing with a number of established Slovenian bands. A classic rock combo of two guitars, drums, bass and voices, it has been active since the fall of 2010 when band members gathered with a principal goal in mind: to make quality music based on powerful songwriting.

The band’s sound could be described as a cross-over between modern folk music based on colorful vocal harmonies and true hard rock. Their debut album Evermore, scheduled for release in March 2012, aspires to become a household name for any and every household, inhabited by music loving individuals.

Their live performances are centered on a healthy balance of raw emotion and musical proficiency, with the basic goal of moving the listener (be it spiritually or physically). ReLight’s creative enthusiasm combined with years of studio and live experience with a number of acknowledged bands, have made them ready to win the stage both home and internationally.

ReLight members

Uroš Buh – vocals, guitars
Mario Babojelić – guitars, vocals
Blaž Remic – piano, rhodes, hammond, vocals
Andrej Škoberne – bass, vocals
Vid Drašler – drums