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Release concert in Stara Elektrarna, Lj, Slovenia

Published on 24.03.2012

ReLight is playing a release concert on the 27th of March at Stara Elektrarna, a beautiful brick-house 19th century power station, nowadays used for artistic performances in Ljubljana. They are collaborating with known slovenian artists Meta Grgurevič and Urša Vidic, with additional VJ performances by graphic designer Klemen Lazarevič. All visitors are guaranteed their own copy of ReLight debut album Evermore!!

Debut album Evermore fresh from the record press!

Published on 22.03.2012

The year 2012 is an apparent landmark for ReLight and so we witnessed the birth of our debut album Evermore on tuesday 20th of March, this year's first day of spring! Cover art and design was made by Klemen Lazarevič, while the beautiful photography is a work from an artist Janez Pelko. Soon Evermore will be available in music stores across Slovenia and through our online store as well. If you are still eager to feel the real deal in your hands, reading the lyrics from a booklet while listening to music, then Evermore is your kind of record!

Video for a title single Evermore

Published on 20.03.2012

ReLight is working on their first official video for the first single off their fresh album Evermore. The production is handled by an established slovenian music video directors Matej Slabe and David Bole, and it's promising to be a visual surplus(of course!). Watch out for an official release on MTV Adria and local TV stations in early May 2012.

Album release coming in march!

Published on 05.03.2012

ReLight is currently wrapping things up on their upcoming debut album Evermore. It will be released on March 15th and is ready to bring a whole new dimension to the slovenian music scene.